When To Play The Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale Event In Australian Times

When To Play The Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale Event In Australian Times

Yes, you read that correctly: Fortnite is holding an event that will bring Chapter 3 to a close after just four seasons, the quickest turnaround in the game’s history.

Chapter 3 was supposed to be a new era for Fortnite. New mechanics, like mantling, sliding and swinging changed the way players thought about every fight. The map began covered in heavy snow, which slowly receded to reveal the much-loved Tilted Towers POI from the game’s Chapter 1 map had returned.

Why the short run for Chapter 3, though? Though we don’t know much about the new event, its name, Fracture, hints at things to come. I don’t know this for sure, and I haven’t seen any of the usual data miners jumping on the theory yet, but my assumption is that Chapter 3’s much-beloved Zero Build Mode has changed the face of Fortnite as we know it.

We knew when Epic first implemented the mode that it had not designed the Chapter 3 map with the removal of Fortnite’s signature building mechanic in mind. The entire map was designed around the verticality and portable cover that Build Mode provides, mechanics that had no real parallel in Zero Build. Epic tried to bridge the gap with items like the Port-a-Fort, but couldn’t get around the fact that the Chapter 3 map didn’t favour Zero Build. Faced with a player base now split between the two modes, and based on nothing more than the name of the event, I’m going to plant a flag here: my guess is that Epic is about to unveil two very different islands, one designed for Build Mode, and one designed for Zero Build.

I look forward to finding out if I’m right on the day.

When is the Fortnite Chapter 3 finale?

The Chapter 3 finale event will take place in Australia on the morning of Sunday, December 4th 2022. Remember, events like these are one-time only. If you miss it, you won’t get a chance to replay it and your only option will be seeing some other yahoo play it on YouTube. See below for kick-off times in your neck of the woods — Aussies, we’ll be getting up early to make it on time. New Zealand friends, you’re free to have a bit of a lie-in beforehand.



8:00 AM AEDT



7:00 AM AEST



7:30 AM ACDT



6:30 AM ACST



5:00 AM AWST



10:00 AM NZDT

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