Riot’s League Of Legends Fighting Game Shows Off Tag Team Mechanics, Looks Cool As Hell

Riot’s League Of Legends Fighting Game Shows Off Tag Team Mechanics, Looks Cool As Hell

Riot Games has provided a new update on the still-untitled Project L, its long-in-development fighting game set in the League of Legends world of Runeterra.

Originally a traditional 1v1 Street Fighter style fighter, Riot says it pivoted the design around two years ago to become a tag-team fighter more aligned with Marvel vs Capcom. The new update, posted to the official Riot YouTube channel, takes viewers on a brief walk through the game’s visuals, design, and gameplay.

It is the game’s visuals that are perhaps its most striking element. 3D character models that wouldn’t look out of place on the League of Legends TV show Arcane fill out the roster. Animations are fast and fluid, and every character shown during the update has a distinct silhouette. It’s possible to feel the influence of Dragon Ball FighterZ in these visuals — true to the world and the characters, spectacular and kinetic in motion, but always readable. Even when the screen is filled with dizzying effects, you can still follow what’s happening.

The trailer breaks down some of the more central fighting mechanics, like Assist Actions, which are standard tag moves. Use one of two assist actions and your companion champion (or secondary character) will leap into the fight to help you deal some extra damage. Holding the button makes your buddy charge into the fight to create a bit of distance between you and your opponent.

Handshake Assist is the traditional tag-fighter hero swap. Your active champion hops out of the battle, and your secondary champion hops in.

The third and final tag mechanic is Dynamic Save, the combo breaker. Dynamic Save is available at the start of every match and is designed, as most combo-breakers are, to be a get-out-of-jail-free card. If your main champion is being punished by your opponent, pop your Dynamic Save to have your secondary champ interrupt the barrage. If performed correctly, it should buy you a second to reset the fight. If poorly timed, your opponent may be able to counter your Dynamic Save too.

One thing I will note is that, throughout the entire update video, no UI elements are ever shown. No health bars, and no on-screen prompts. Presumably, Riot will get into that at a later date.

Project L does not yet have a release date.

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