Fearless Dead Space Speedrunner Beats Whole Campaign In Under Two Hours

Fearless Dead Space Speedrunner Beats Whole Campaign In Under Two Hours

Dead Space remake speedrunner has set a world record by thrashing the game’s campaign in just under two hours. The question now is how long will that record stand?

As spotted by TheGamer, YouTube speedrunner sharkhat87 posted their W, completed on the PC version of Dead Space in just 1:58:31. Given that the campaign is designed to take the average player between 12 and 15 hours to complete this is a significant shaving down of the total play time. One of the major secrets to sharkhat87’s success is their near-complete avoidance of combat, only engaging specific necromorphs when they truly obstructed their forward progression. Combat takes up quite a bit of time in the standard Dead Space playthrough, as does the broad desire to creep around in the Ishimura’s spooky hallways.

This version of Isaac Clarke is without fear. He is on task and on mission. He is booked, busy and unbothered by the undead gargling noisily around him.

Of course, ruthless efficiency isn’t sharkhat’s only tool. They also have a few tricks and glitches up their sleeve. Certain parts of the ship can be clipped through to cut down on running around. Much harder to do (but still very funny in my opinion) is sharkhat’s decision to drag certain quest-specific items around the ship until required using Kinesis.

If you watch closely, you’ll notice that sharkhat actually makes a few mistakes, which means that the run could potentially have been completed even faster. I look forward to watching this run take shape over the coming months as the speedrun community uncovers all of Dead Space‘s glitches and time saves.

The Dead Space remake launched earlier this month to strong praise among critics, though our own Jam Walker had a few critiques of their own. You can read their full review here.

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