Serenade And Sabbatical Gallery Join Forces To Bring Sydney-Made Games To Melbourne

Serenade And Sabbatical Gallery Join Forces To Bring Sydney-Made Games To Melbourne

Doing anything tomorrow? In the Melbourne area? Why not check out some Sydney-made video games over at Sabbatical, courtesy of Serenade?

Serenade Games is a Sydney-based collective consisting of multiple game developers that put on pop-up exhibits showcasing experimental and personal games. They’ve joined forces with a new gallery space over in Melbourne called Sabbatical Gallery, which aims to showcase art and games by local creators as well as provide a space for these creatives to work on their projects.

Tomorrow night (February 17th) at 6pm, Serenade Games and Sabbatical Gallery be showcasing work from an array of developers based in Sydney. As of writing, five games have been confirmed to be showing at the event, but Serenade’s event picture notes that more work may also be on display. Here’s what we’ve got so far!

Baldwin’s Bear

Oscar Newsome

serenade sabbatical
Image: Oscar Newsome

Baldwin’s Bear is an adventure game developed by Oscar Newsome where you play as six-year-old Baldwin on a quest to get a pink stuffed bear by trading a bucketload of tickets at a carnival.

The game consists of multiple classic carnival games like fishing and shooting, all lovingly designed in a unique mix of eye-popping styles such as claymation, pencil drawing, and what looks like MS Paint. I love it.

Baldwin’s Bear is available for free on Steam.

Wibble Wobble

Daniel Linssen

Image: Daniel Linssen

Wibble Wobble mp is a multiplayer edition of Daniel Linssen’s action game Wibble Wobble. It’s a pixelated minimalist’s dream.

In it, you and three friends collect stars to get points, avoid hazards, and try to stay alive in a wibbly, wobbly world. Similarly to Kirby kissing his friends to heal them, you jump on your friends heads to revive them if they die. Chef’s kiss.

You can download Wibble Wobble mp for free on


Callum Denmead

serenade sabbatical
Image: Callum Denmead

Resonant is an open-world rhythm-based exploration game made by Callum Denmead where the world around you is built by the musical choices you make within it. The pinnacle of musical interactivity.

I actually had a chat with Callum back in 2021 about his game, where he said that he’s inspired by short experiential games like A Short Hike and Firewatch, but that Resonant is very inspired by Journey.

This’ll be the first time Resonant is playable by the public, so I highly recommend going and checking it out! In the meantime, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

Rites and Rituals


Image: Fenreliania

Rites and Rituals Volume I is a tabletop-roleplaying aid developed by Fenreliania with illustrations by Rei. The book functions as a tool for TTRPG lovers to make the most out of their fictional world.

According to their page, Rites and Rituals contains descriptions of 8 spells in the forms of instructions, as well as a glossary for fictional plants, elements, drinks, and creatures. Perfect for folks wanting to add a little more spice to their TTRPG experience.

Janet DeMornay Is A Slumlord (and a witch)

Fuzzy Ghost

serenade sabbatical
Image: Fuzzy Ghost

Janet DeMornay Is A Slumlord (and a witch) is a story-driven horror-comedy game developed by Fuzzy Ghost. It’s the newest title from the team behind Queer Man Peering Into A Rock Pool.jpeg, and is a mythical, magical, and horrific take on the trials and tribulations of being a sharehouse-renter in Sydney.

This title is one of the 11 Aussie-made games that recently were announced to be a part of Screen Australia’s Games: Expansion Pack, and will recieve government funding to go towards the development of the game.

This is also the first time that a public demo for Janet DeMornay Is A Slumlord (and a witch) will be available to play, so go check it out! In the meantime, you can wishlist it on Steam.

Sabbatical Gallery is located at 141 Victoria Parade in Collingwood, and will be hosting Serenade Games Festival’s pop-up exhibit on February 17th at 6pm. It’s free entry, they’ve got a DJ, and free drinks will be provided. Get amongst it!

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