Fuzzy Ghost Wants Your Renter Horror Stories For Their New Game

Fuzzy Ghost Wants Your Renter Horror Stories For Their New Game

Fuzzy Ghost, the Sydney-based developers behind Queer Man Peering Into A Rock Pool.jpg, are looking for real-life rental horror stories from the public for their next game, Janet DeMornay is a Slumlord (and a witch) aka JDM.

The newest game from Fuzzy Ghost takes place in an enchanted but crumbling terrace house in inner-west Sydney. You play as Andrew, one of the queer tenants who must puzzle their way out of the alternate dimension that a certain witchy landlord has whisked them away to.

Now, Fuzzy Ghost is looking for your story. That’s right, yoursYou. The person reading this. It seems like most people in Australia have their own story when it comes to the horrors of renting, so Fuzzy Ghost founders Scott Ford and Pete Foley are looking for these stories to include in their game.

To be specific, stories that are successfully chosen will be featured in collectible “Case Files” hidden throughout the game’s world. On top of this, those who get their renting story in the game will get a free copy of JDM on release and their name in the credits.

Ford had this to say in a press release regarding the announcement:

“We wanted to make a horror game, so we asked ourselves: In Australia in the 2020s, what’s something that’s truly terrifying? To be honest the answer came pretty quickly—being a renter. JDM is a horror comedy about renting, and it feels like everyone we know has had a rental experience that’s horrible, or hilarious or both. We wanted to share their stories, as well as our own. Just have a great big bitch session, really. But in a game. And with witches.”

So what do you do if you’ve got your own renting horror story? There are two ways to go. You can either head to their website and submit your story through a Google Form, or you can tweet out your story using the hashtag #renterhorror.

Submissions close on March 25th, 2023, and the title is expected to release later this year. If you’re keen to give the game a go, Fuzzy Ghost will also be showcasing their first playable demo of JDM at the Serenade x Sabbatical Gallery exhibition tomorrow night in Melbourne.

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