The Mageseeker Is A New League Of Legends ARPG By The Studio Behind Moonlighter

The Mageseeker Is A New League Of Legends ARPG By The Studio Behind Moonlighter

Riot Games and Digital Sun have announced the publisher’s next Riot Forge development partnership, an action RPG called The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story.

The ARPG sports a pixellated aesthetic similar to Digital Sun’s well-received 2018 RPG Moonlighter. The new game is set in the world of League and follows a character named Sylas, a spell thief held captive by the oppressive Mageseekers. Freed from captivity, and with the chains that once bound him still clamped around his wrists, Sylas will embark on a mission of revenge, build a rebellion, and bring the Mageseekers to their knees.

Hark, a trailer! Observe:

It would be easy to say that this looks like Riot taking a run at a Hades-style RPG, but that also feels like an oversimplification. Though The Mageseeker clearly looks to Hades as an inspiration, its combat appears more sparse and focused on a handful of more technical enemies rather than the hypermobile, quasi-bullet hell playstyle that Hades preferred. It’s not quite a dungeon crawler either, though, which makes me think it might have more in common with a Souls game — fewer, tougher basic enemies broken up by chunkier boss encounters.

The Mageseeker is the latest in a string of new games connected to the League universe from Riot. Other recent in-house titles have included Teamfight TacticsWyld Rift and the Magic-style CCG Legend of Runeterra, while Ruined KingHextech Mayhem and Convergence, and Song of Nunu have all sprung out of the Riot Forge program.

The Mageseeker launches April 18, 2023 on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, Epic and GOG.

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