This Incredible Elden Ring Paper Model Recreates Leyndell

This Incredible Elden Ring Paper Model Recreates Leyndell

You think Elden Ring is hard? Try painstakingly recreating one of the game’s iconic locations out of paper, that’s hard. But that’s also what artist Sky Burkson did when he made a miniature model of the Leyndell Royal Capital out of paper, toothpicks, wool, and other components.

Burkson posted photos of the finished product on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, and the detail is pretty remarkable. From the meticulously sculpted buildings to the overgrown roots wrapping around them, there’s clearly been a lot of care into recreating Leyndell’s Royal Capital.

While the model captures the visual identity of the Elden Ring location, it also brings a little bit of the ambiance with it. Burkson also built in a light like the Erdtree, a giant, glowing tree that exists in Elden Ring’s open world. There are other lights throughout the piece, which are placed in different sections to look like burning flames. So the detail is not just in sculpting the buildings and brickstone, but in capturing its essence as a place.

Burkson says the papercraft model is made up of paper, clear resin, basswood, toothpicks, floral wire, wool batting, and tea leaf grounds all on top of a wooden base. If you wanted to see this beauty in your home, sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not for sale. After months of work, Burkson says the Leyndell’s Royal Capital model is going to its forever home.

While you can’t have Burkson’s lovely piece for your display shelf, Elden Ring fans do have something else to look forward to, as FromSoftware has finally announced the game’s upcoming DLC Shadow of the Erdtree. While not much is known about this new expansion, there’s reason to believe it will delve further into the character of Miquella, who is mentioned in the main game but never seen.


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