Jedi Survivor Players Are Creating The Most Beautiful Lightsabers I’ve Ever Seen

Jedi Survivor Players Are Creating The Most Beautiful Lightsabers I’ve Ever Seen

You can make your own lightsabers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You could do this in the original Fallen Order too, but Jedi: Survivor takes the creative tools for crafting lightsabers of your own to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful saber combos people have been coming up with.

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Editor’s note: This piece will contain minor spoilers for some of the lightsaber parts and combat stances you can unlock further into the game’s campaign. If you’re staying spoiler-free, bookmark this page and come on back when you’ve finished the campaign. — David.

Cal Kestis’ lightsaber is a unique creation by design — it is a lightsaber that must be all lightsabers. The game contains numerous combat stances, all of which allow Cal to wield his lightsaber in different ways. The single-bladed stance is the classic one-handed version popularised by the Prequel Trilogy. There’s also the staff-like dual-bladed lightsaber. There’s a double lightsaber stance where Cal holds a smaller blade in his off-hand. There’s a blaster stance where Cal literally just shoots people with a gun before he hits them with a sword. Finally, there’s the crossguard lightsaber, the Kylo Ren special, a two-handed heavy attack stance with two horizontal vents above the grip.

There are eight customisable subsections used to create your lightsaber. It’s this part of the game that people are using to create capital-G, capital-W Great Works. I thought my lightsaber, a humble thing comprised of aged leather and metal dulled by time, was cool. It was not cool. You know what’s cool?

This fucking thing.

Rate my lightsaber
by u/Zodspeed in StarWarsJediSurvivor

It’s not the shape of parts that makes this lightsaber work. It’s the inlaid texturing and subtle colouring that makes it art. The bone pommel? Magnificent.

My end game build
by u/__kepler__ in StarWarsJediSurvivor

I respect the dedication to the industrial aesthetic.

two of my fav lightsaber combinations
by u/D3XXTRO in StarWarsJediSurvivor

Both of these sabers are great, but that first one is beautifully extra? That’s a lightsaber with some personality, some zest.

100% finished! What an incredible game! Here is my saber in it’s final form:
by u/MyNameIsNurf in StarWarsJediSurvivor

Speaking of zest, my word. This is the kind of lightsaber someone that’s just come into a lot of money at once would own. Gaudy as hell. I love it.

I LOVE the customisation of the stabber! really cool to see how everyones saber is unique and personal!
by u/WishIWasPurple in StarWarsJediSurvivor

This one looks like The Doctor left their Sonic Screwdriver behind, and an industrious Jedi kitbashed the hell out of it.

Which material do you think looks better? Picture 1 or picture 2?
by u/LemonadeMan3 in StarWarsJediSurvivor

I really love the faux-Imperial look of this one. It feels like a lightsaber built out of Imp scraps and made beautiful through tender love and care.

This one looks like something Sailor Moon would use and I absolutely love it.

This one looks like a polished missile, complete with aerodynamic fins on the sides (I don’t know how you hold it comfortably, though).

Heading into ng+ gotta bring a new lightsaber
by u/Ok-Elk-9375 in StarWarsJediSurvivor

And then, of course, sometimes you just want it to look mean.

People are even using the creator to reverse engineer lightsabers from other eras. Here’s a saber from The Old Republic era.

I made an old republic style saber
by u/-SuperSaiyanBroly- in StarWarsJediSurvivor

I recreated Cal’s first lightsaber in Jedi Survivor
by u/ThePepsiMan00 in StarWarsJediSurvivor

Someone even recreated Cal’s original lightsaber from the first game.

Anyway, I love it. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has already proven itself to be a winner in many respects, but the attention to detail and creative freedom found in just this one section of the game is how Respawn really get it to sing. No two Cals are alike (unless they’re wearing the Lemmy and Mullet combo, those Cals are all the same). Some Cals keep it low-key, understated. Others are flashy little goblins that want the whole galaxy to know where they are at all times. There are no wrong answers here. Cal is who you perceive him to be, and I love all the ways the game lets you externalise that.

Got any sick Jedi: Survivor lightsabers of your own design? Drop a link to a pic in the comments and show it off. I want to see them.

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