Tears Of The Kingdom: Players Are Finding Amazing Ways To Cheese Bosses

Tears Of The Kingdom: Players Are Finding Amazing Ways To Cheese Bosses

Tears of the Kingdom is clearly proving it should’ve been named The Legend of Zelda: Betcha Didn’t Know You Could Do This. It seems every day there’s some unique way to traverse the big open world, solve cryptic puzzles, and more. Now, players have found unique ways to completely shut down bosses — and none of it involves weird exploits, so don’t worry about patches nerfing these moves. Link is just this friggin’ overpowered by design.

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The latest in the long-running series of Nintendo fantasy games, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom contains everything you’d expect from an epic adventure: A tale of good versus evil, a sweeping world to explore, thrilling combat encounters, and mega-powerful characters. But Tears of the Kingdom also contains a remarkable array of interactive objects and physics systems that have their own internal logic, logic which often answers the “I wonder if I can pull this off?” thought with some surprising results. And now players are abusing these very systems, using powers in ways to defeat bosses that you might’ve thought wouldn’t be allowed.

You can use Recall and Ascend to cheese Taluses

Tears of the Kingdom has, as you’d expect, story boss encounters of epic proportions, but the game also has some other challenging bosses like Taluses and Flux Constructs who’ll appear alongside exploration.

And if you’ve encountered these bosses, you know that, at first, they can be rather tricky. Taluses in particular, both the Stone and Battle variety, require you to get on top of to hit their weak point. But as bobacupcake on Twitter has discovered, Ascend will let you burrow through them to land atop and start thrashing away.

Taluses also have this nasty habit of throwing boulders at you that, depending on how many hearts you have, might easily send you to a Game Over screen. But as cursedtrxhgod demonstrates on TikTok, Link can just straight up Neo those boulders:

Flux Constructs are no match for Ultrahand, Recall, and…Moon Jumping?

Flux Constructs, goliaths made of individual cubes, can also hit pretty hard, and with a single rotating weak point, they typically prove challenging. They often drop a high number of Zonai Charges, so they’re actually a prime opportunity to farm those, and once you see how easy it is to take ‘em down, you’ll never bother with lesser constructs again.

Simply grabbing the Construct’s glowing weak spot with Ultrahand and moving the Right Stick back and forth (it takes a little more effort than pulling apart something you’ve crafted) simply shatters these things.

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And if you want to just humiliate them instead? Well, as modern_squid shows on TikTok, just grab other parts of them with Ultrahand and shake ‘em free.

The Flux Construct also has this annoying habit of morphing into different forms, one such is a floating platform which may obscure the weak point. But as kingboozx3 on Twitter shows, just using Recall on the cubes that the Construct shoots at you, you can easily ride to the top.

Lastly, GameSpot’s Max Blumenthal shows off “Moon Jumping,” which uses a number of combined moves like shield surfing, Fuse, and Link’s “bullet time” trick where you aim a bow while airborne. The whole trick is broken down in this Tweet, but just look at this in action:

It’s hard to distill what makes Tears of the Kingdom so engaging and entertaining down to a single thing. Just when you see one cool contraption, you’ll be taken aback by wild combat tactics like the kinds here. Here’s to the next “wait, you can do what?” discovery.

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