Xbox Is Having A Showcase Party In Melbourne If You’re Keen For An Early One

Xbox Is Having A Showcase Party In Melbourne If You’re Keen For An Early One

The team at Xbox ANZ love a bit of a party around (what would have historically been) E3 time. Thus, we are unsurprised to hear that Xbox is throwing a party for its upcoming Showcase in Melbourne.

The Xbox briefing was always a big moment in the E3 Week That Was. It’s always a loud, brassy showcase full of extremely American marketing. The trailers are always packed with heavy blues guitars, gang vocals and beats that go bam-THWACK. You know — like this.

I’m making fun of them, but these shows are fun. They wouldn’t keep producing these trailer parades if people didn’t like ’em.

But, and I speak from experience here, the best way to enjoy one of these trailer parades is with many other excited people. For Aussies, on the other side of the world, all we could do was get up at 3 am in the dead of winter and shiver in front of our TVs, laptops, monitors and phones as E3 revelry unfolded. Now, thanks to Xbox’s willingness to bring the festivities to us, we can get up at 3 am in the dead of winter and fkn party.

This is FanFest, Xbox’s travelling events and fan outreach program. Though it isn’t mentioned in the social media post below, Xbox settled on Fortress Melbourne as the location for the Showcase event. This makes total sense — Fortress has everything they need to host a live event of this kind, and there’s no reason they wouldn’t go there again. Xbox events turn up at Fortress several times a year, and going back there for a party like this makes sense. This year’s Showcase event will kick off at 11 pm on June 11, and will kick on into the small hours when everyone can gather round with a drink and watch the Xbox Showcase and Starfield Direct at 3 am on June 12.

If you’re keen to get involved, your best bet right now is to get around Xbox’s ticket giveaway. If you sign up for Xbox Fan Fest, you’ll go in the draw to win passes. Tickets will likely go on sale closer to the event, but if you want to stand a chance of getting along for free, sign up.

There’s no word on whether Xbox will host a Sydney event at this stage. But, given that Fortress has also opened its doors there recently, maybe there’s a chance. We’ll let you know if they decide to hold a Fan Fest party in NSW.

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