Stranger Things VR Says Fuck Them Kids, Lets You Play As Vecna

Stranger Things VR Says Fuck Them Kids, Lets You Play As Vecna

A fresh look at the upcoming Stranger Things VR game was unveiled during Meta’s Quest 3 showcase this morning. We’ve talked about this game before: Zack from the US team wrote about it back in November. It seemed then like a novel tie-in to a popular brand and not much more. And maybe it still won’t be much more than that, but there is a wrinkle to this game that I wasn’t aware of before, and maybe you weren’t, either.

In Stranger Things VR, you are the monster. You play as Vecna. Yes, Vecna, the arch-villain of the show’s wildly popular fourth season. The one based on one of the most powerful Dungeons & Dragons villains in the game’s history. That Vecna.

No, really, look:

Your whole goal is to mess up a town with your weird viney mind powers and pocket dimension psychosis dungeon. That is the last pitch I expected this game to have. I would have expected the game to cast you as one or more of the kids from the show. Eleven seems like the clear pick, with her array of psychic Akira powers she can use to affect the world around her.

But no, developer Tender Claws said fuck them kids, and lets you play as a literal boogeyman.

Every now and then, video games are good, actually.

Stranger Things VR is coming to Meta Quest platforms in Fall (aka Spring, for us Aussies) this year.

(To be crystal clear: Neither Netflix or Tender Claws actually SAID fuck them kids. It’s a meme. You know the one.)

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