This Week In Games Australia: AEW, Crime, And A Spiritual Successor To Nintendogs

This Week In Games Australia: AEW, Crime, And A Spiritual Successor To Nintendogs

Happy Monday, and welcome back to This Week In Games Australia, your look ahead at the games you’ll be playing in the next seven days.

This week, the release calendar stays a bit soft in the choppy wake of Final Fantasy XVI‘s launch, but there’s still some gems to be found. Little Friends: Puppy Island is the latest tilt at a spiritual successor to Nintendogs. One Little Outpost looks like a cute farming sim in space, and it’s joined by the long-awaited Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life remake on Switch. Pekoe“ll Kill Her, and Crime O’Clock are our standout titles this week.

However, it’s AEW Fight Forever that is the week’s biggest AAA launch. The wrestling game, created by legendary Japanese studio Yuke’s, was so long in development that we’d started to think it might never arrive. If you’ve become disillusioned with the WWE 2K franchise since it went to Visual Concepts in 2019, Fight Forever is Yuke’s on the comeback trail — a new wrestling game from the same studio that made all the old WWE games you used to like, designed to go toe-to-toe with the 2K franchise.

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With that, let’s take a look at this week’s releases.

27th June

Little Friends: Puppy Island (PC, NS)


One Lonely Outpost (PC)

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life (PS5, NS)


28th June

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End (PC)


29th June

AEW Fight Forever (PS5, XSX, PC, NS, PS4, XBO)


Pekoe (PC)


30th June

Crime O’Clock (NS, PC)


Everybody 1-2-Switch (NS)


Front Mission 1st Remake (PS5, XSX, PC, PS4, XBO)


Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Remaster (PC, NS, PS4, XBO)


I’ll Kill Her (PC)


Moonscars (PS5, NS)


Samba de Amigo: Party Central (Switch)


July 2

Death or Treat (NS)

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