Here’s An Exclusive Card Preview From Magic: The Gathering’s Doctor Who Crossover

Here’s An Exclusive Card Preview From Magic: The Gathering’s Doctor Who Crossover

Magic: The Gathering is bringing another Universes Beyond collaboration to life with the upcoming Doctor Who crossover releasing on 13 October, and it’s shaping up to bring all that wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey goodness to celebrate 60 years of the iconic show. With the Doctor Who collab only a week out from release, we’ve got a global exclusive preview of one of the cards to share with you. 

Magic: The Gathering Doctor Who is a crossover that captures the Doctor, their companions, villains seeking to “dominate the universe”, and the stories from the TV show to bring the universe to life in card form. The set includes four Commander decks – Timey-Wimey, Masters of Evil, Blast From The Past, and Paradox Power – as well as Collector Boosters. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into our exclusive Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who preview: Vislor Turlough, the legendary creature.

When the four-cost Doctor’s companion enters the battlefield, you may have an opponent gain control of it. If you do, Vislor Turlough is goaded for as long as they control it – which means it has to attack a player other than you if it can. 

On top of this, at the beginning of your end step, Vislor Turlough allows you to draw a card, although you then lose life equal to the number of cards in your hand. This could be handy for whittling away at your opponent’s life total while the creature is in their control.

Vislor Turlough is a Doctor’s companion, which is a new mechanic that riffs off the usual partner ability in Magic: The Gathering. In Commander games, you can have two commanders if one card is a Doctor’s companion and the other is “The Doctor” — a legendary Time Lord Doctor creature with no other creature types.

Magic: The Gathering - Doctor Who Vislor Turlough
Image: Wizards of the Coast

To check out Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who and get in on the action, you can attend a Commander launch party at WPN stores over release weekend. The set launches on October 13, so be sure ready up the Tardis for time-spanning adventures and sick new combos coming your way soon.

Lead Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

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