Starfield’s First Major Community Patch Is Here, Fixes So Many Things

Starfield’s First Major Community Patch Is Here, Fixes So Many Things

Starfield has been out in the world just shy of two months, and the modders behind the Starfield Community Patch have just dropped the first patch, fixing a whole range of issues that Bethesda has yet to officially address.

The Starfield Community Patch version 0.0.1 is now live on Nexus Mods, with the patch changelog outlining a number of fixes, including amendments to multiple different skill ranks to apply the correct bonuses as described, typo fixes in the English and German versions of the game, and ship weapon fixes to allow for smooth recharges.

The patch also fixes issues where Neon Security would identify you as having a bounty even if you didn’t, and ensures Starfield companions no longer crack it with you for boarding hostile ships and attacking the crew, amongst a range of other small changes. Companions will also now correctly comment on appearance changes, and undiscovered temples will now correctly show in the UI.

The Starfield Community Patch isn’t done yet, with over 318 issues to date on the to-do list for future patches as per the website. The modders behind the community project have been gearing up since prior to Starfield’s release in August, and the scope continues to grow as more players identify issues and jump in to contribute. So far, over a thousand players have downloaded the mod in the first day since the patch went live.

This isn’t the first Bethesda title with a major community patch mod project by any means, with patch mods for Skyrim and Fallout 4 becoming almost essential to rectify sometimes game-breaking issues seemingly long-forgotten by the developer. 

Given Bethesda has previously said they’re prioritising player freedom over a fully bug-free game, there’s likely to be plenty more Starfield bugs and fixes needed that’ll slip through the cracks of official patches – and the Starfield Community Patch is waiting in the wings, ready to fix them all.

Lead Image Credit: Bethesda

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