Here’s A Five Minute Look At Super Mario RPG Direct From Japan

Here’s A Five Minute Look At Super Mario RPG Direct From Japan

Nintendo Japan just dropped a five-minute quick look at the upcoming Super Mario RPG remake ahead of its launch later this month.

I don’t really have a more pointed sell for this. Either horking down five minutes of Super Mario RPG footage straight from the tap is what you want, or it isn’t. I know it’s what I want, and it seems that’s more than enough impetus for me to write this blog.

This new dive arrives via Nintendo Japan’s YouTube channel. Obviously, this trailer is in unsubtitled Japanese from start to finish. I’m sure an English-language version will follow shortly, but until NOA gets around to posting it, we can all gather round and enjoy Mario’s Japanese vocals.

The trailer features looks at the game’s famous turn-based combat, and some of the moves each of its characters can use. There’s also a glimpse of a few familiar bosses.

You can also switch the background music from the remake’s re-recorded OST to the original Super Mario RPG SNES soundtrack, which rules.

Everything I’m seeing here scans like a don’t-fix-it-if-it-ain’t-broke type of remake. There’s so much in this five-minute dive that I remember from playing Super Mario RPG in high school. It’s really cool that an entirely new generation of players is about to be exposed to this special, unique entry in the Mario canon.

All this and us Aussies finally get a proper local release that isn’t on Virtual Console or a miniaturised nostalgia SNES. Pretty cool.

Super Mario RPG is out on November 17 for Nintendo Switch.

Image: Nintendo


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