The Best Paper Mario Is Getting A Remake

The Best Paper Mario Is Getting A Remake

Nintendo just wrapped up its latest Nintendo Direct, and it closed the show with a banger of an announcement: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is getting a remake for Switch in 2024.

Check out the debut trailer below:


The original game for the GameCube launched in 2004, and it’s not only a stellar turn-based RPG, but is also one of the best-written and funniest games in the whole franchise. It definitely is building off a lot of the systems from Super Mario RPG (which is also getting a remake on Switch), but it has its own slapstick twist that gives it its own identity. The series hasn’t gone away, but more recent entries like The Origami King have been gradually moving away from the same traditional turn-based RPG mechanics of The Thousand Year Door and the original Nintendo 64 game.


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