Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Reviews Are Calling It A Masterpiece

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Reviews Are Calling It A Masterpiece

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth reviews went live overnight, and it appears to have captured the hearts and minds of critics the world over. It’s safe to say that Rebirth has been a resounding critical success thanks to its expansive world, gripping story, and how far it pushes the PS5’s technical limits. Some reviewers have even gone so far as to describe it as a “masterpiece,” that far surpasses even its predecessor, Remake. The one complaint cropping up in a handful of reviews is the sometimes bloated feel of the world, thanks to the number of side quests and additional content. However, for some critics, this was a boon rather than a bane.

In our own Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review (which I had the pleasure of writing), we said that playing it felt like returning home. I said the experience of playing the game over two decades after making memories with the original “takes me right back…to the good old days. But, unlike replaying an old favourite only to find it’s not as sparkly, immersive, or realistic as you remember, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth somehow manages to evoke memories with a clarity and depth that wasn’t there to begin with. And to me, that feels like pure magic.”

When it comes to aggregate review scores, it’s clear other reviewers felt the same. The second installment in the FFVII Remake project is already the best-rated game of 2024 on Metacritic based on 119 critic reviews. With a MetaCritic Metascore of 93, it’s in good company alongside titles like The Last Of Us Part II and God of War as one of the best-rated games of all time. Of all other games in the FF franchise, only Final Fantasy IX sits higher (and only by one point). Over on OpenCritic, Fantasy VII Rebirth has an equally high score of 93.

Let’s take a closer look at what the critics thought of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth from here in Australia and around the world.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Reviews: The Aussies

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Image: Square Enix

GamesHub’s Leah Williams gave it 5 stars, saying, “That’s what a good game does. It makes you feel. It makes you think. With grand set pieces and rich narrative turning points, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth consistently gives you reasons to care, to sit at the edge of your seat, wide-eyed, wondering what the future holds. Even with the groundwork laid by the original game, there is a sense that anything can happen, that the future remains unwritten.”

Press Start scored it 9/10, and said, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is an immense and expansive middle chapter of this ambitious remake trilogy. A reimagined and redefined behemoth of a game that simultaneously plays on nostalgia and forces you to question your memories of the original. While it suffers from some rote open world elements and a few technical issues, Rebirth is another magnificent entry into the gilded halls of Final Fantasy.”

Checkpoint Gaming awarded it a 9.5, saying, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth defies all expectations and is the new benchmark for what a remake should be. Bold and unapologetic with something to say but also true to its roots. I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried while playing this game and if you fall into the right crowd, you very will too. Provided is an unforgettable journey, a magnetic cast, and a world that is magic and an experience that is transcending. From combat to graphics to music to side activities to writing to performances, Rebirth is one for the books and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.”

9News published an unscored review, but said, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a testament to the enduring legacy of a gaming classic. With its captivating story, immersive world, and diverse gameplay, it offers an unforgettable journey for fans old and new alike. Despite minor visual bugs, its overall excellence shines through, earning it a well-deserved spot among gaming’s elite.”

Player2 gave it an A-, saying, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth improves on Remake, expanding not only the scope of the adventure well beyond the confines of Midgar, but also exploring the ensemble cast in greater depth to enhance the emotional impact of events both new and old.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Reviews: The Rest of the World

cheapest Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Image: Square Enix

Eurogamer gave the game 4 stars, and said, “Rebirth is a playful take on an emo classic that’s bloated but full of character in a bid to justify its own existence.”

ScreenRant gave it 5 stars, saying, “What felt like an impossible task in Remake has since been one-upped in FF7 Rebirth. Improving directly upon Final Fantasy 7 always felt like a dangerous proposition, and Remake smartly switched things up to avoid having to do so directly. What Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth does is challenge the idea that FF7 can’t be topped within its own in-game universe; in my eyes, that’s already been done, in the middle game of a trilogy no less, and now we’ll just have to wait and see if Square Enix can stick the landing on what’s been an incredible, must-play two-parter thus far. I can’t wait to see where the team takes this series next.”

Game Informer scored it 8.5, saying, “This sequel went wide, and while that comes with benefits, like new ways to explore this beloved world and its various sights, it also comes with drawbacks. They aren’t unlike anything fans of the genre have experienced before, and playing as cherished characters certainly eases the pain, but the tedium and bloat of the open-world checklist can sometimes get in the way of where Rebirth truly shines. The best of Remake exists in Rebirth, but the various open-world areas surrounding it – the parts that make Rebirth unique from its predecessor – sometimes miss the mark.”

Dexerto gave it a lofty 5 stars, and said, “This is Game of the Year material and an exceptional follow-up to a revered first entry. It handles the beloved material with care while still establishing its own new voice, making for a stellar sequel.”

Dot Esports also gave it 5 stars, saying, “It’s not often you write over 1,000 words and have virtually nothing bad to say about a game, but that’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It’s a masterpiece, a work of art, bonafide breathtaking brilliance.”

Destructoid awarded it 9.5, saying, “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth somehow manages to spin multiple plates without smashing any of them. It’s over-the-top serious when it wants to be, and it’s utterly absurd in the next moment. Great Final Fantasy games have always managed to walk this line, and it’s a testament to how the brand has stayed relevant for decades on end.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Image: Square Enix

Polygon’s unscored review said, “Rebirth is worth your time, but I’m not sure if it’s worth as much of your time as it asks for. It’s a game that does many things right and does right by its weighty legacy — but it also makes it clear that for the future final installment, Square Enix should reconsider how necessary it is for these games to be so big. Rebirth’s most enjoyable and powerful moments come from nostalgic emotions and cinematic style, not from clambering up a radio tower to tick another box on a checklist. A game that has more of the former and less of the latter feels like it would stick the landing the remake series has been trying for.”

IGN gave it a 9, saying, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth impressively builds off of what Remake set in motion, both as a best-in-class action-RPG full of exciting challenges and an awe-inspiring recreation of a world that has meant so much to so many for so long.”

GamRant gave it 4.5 stars, saying, “Despite the pacing issues in its final chapters, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is still bigger and better than Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If the third game can keep everything that’s great about these remake projects so far and trim the fat a bit, we will have a spectacular trilogy on our hands.”

The Verge published an unscored review, but said, “The second game in the remake trilogy expands on the original in terms of both story and gameplay, and — despite a little filler — the additions are very welcome. Plus, it’s still super weird.”

GameSpot gave it an 8/10, saying, “Thankfully, what Final Fantasy VII Rebirth succeeds at eclipses what it fumbles. It’s a superbly designed gameplay experience that instills a sense of freedom while also making exploration rewarding in a meaningful way. Refined gameplay that makes character synergy a focal point breathes new life into the slick and satisfying combat, and all the while it reinforces the underlying themes of the story. As a game that has the unenviable task of living up to one of the strongest legacies in the medium, it is a worthy second chapter. Whether Square Enix can bring it all together in the third and final part will be the subject of much discussion from here on out. Just like at Destiny’s Crossroads, an unknown future beckons once again, and anything is still possible.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Image: Square Enix

The Guardian awarded it 4 stars, and said, “With its plentiful side quests, engrossing combat and slick cinematic flourishes, at its best [Final Fantasy VII] Rebirth is a joyous celebration of video game maximalism. Yet this expansiveness comes at the cost of narrative focus, and cleverly scripted cinematic moments are interrupted by momentum-killing processions of mini-games, puzzles and fan-baiting filler.

COGconnected scored the game 95/100, saying, “This Final Fantasy VII project is a massive undertaking of an impossible scale. A single release stretched into three games? Preposterous. And yet, so far the team is totally nailing it. The first game was a smash hit, and Rebirth runs laps around it in almost every way. The performances, the plot, and the gameplay are all much improved. With a couple of notable exceptions. While I hated one or two sections with venomous passion, they aren’t enough to spoil the experience. The game is less than perfect, but not by much. If you’ve been hotly anticipating this release, you were right to do so. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a fantastic follow-up to a pretty incredible game.”

So there you have it, dear readers. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has absolutely knocked it out of the park when it comes to review scores. The game is set to launch on 29 February, so there’s less than a week to go until players can get their hands on Cloud’s next big adventure. In the meantime, you can check out the free demo to tide you over.

Are you excited for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Image: Square Enix

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