Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Latest Update Adds A Highly Requested Feature

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Latest Update Adds A Highly Requested Feature

One week after Dragon’s Dogma 2’s March 22 launch, Capcom has released the first update to the game. Update 1.050 adds a handful of features to Capcom’s action RPG including one of the most requested options since launch, the ability to start a new game when save data already exists.

Update 1.050 is live now for the PC and PlayStation 5 versions of Dragon’s Dogma 2 (and coming to Xbox Series X|S “in the next few days”). The first and biggest patch note in the update is the addition of an option to start a new game when saved data already exists. Dragon’s Dogma 2’s save system only gives players one save slot that is constantly being updated. In a game filled with friction and player consequences, the intent is to make players deal with every action they take, like accidentally wiping out a town’s population with a Dragonsplague-infected pawn. However, the game also launched with no way to delete a save or start a new game, which effectively trapped players into their first playthrough. No longer will players have to deal with that issue thanks to the new update.

Other features coming in Update 1.050 for both PS5 and PC include changing the number of “Art of Metamorphosis” items available at Pawn Guilds from 2 to 99. The item is used to change the look of your Arisen or your main pawn, so players who enjoy customizing and tweaking those aspects will now have more freedom to do so. PC Users will see improved quality when using DLSS Super Resolution,. while console users will get the option to set the frame rate from variable to Max 30 fps and to turn Ray Tracing on and off. Although most people will probably be focused on the start new game option, I personally think the biggest thing Update 1050 adds is the ability to turn off Motion Blur on consoles, because why in the world would I ever want to have Motion Blur turned on?

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