How To Complete Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn Quest

How To Complete Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn Quest

One of the most interesting characters you can meet in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Wilhelmina. As the proprietress of the Rose Chateau in Vernworth, she knows a lot of secrets about the other citizens dwelling within Capcom’s action RPG. She is also one of the game’s romanceable characters, but to see her whole story and win her heart, you’ll need to complete the quest Every Rose Has Its Thorn. That is, if you can trigger the quest to begin with. Here’s exactly how to start (and complete) Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

How to trigger Every Rose Has Its Thorn in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Like many of the quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2, Every Rose Has Its Thorn can be tough to track down. That’s because you need to satisfy some prerequisites that the game doesn’t tell you about in order to trigger the quest. You must first meet Wilhelmina, which you can do during the main quest An Unsettling Encounter. When you attempt to exit the castle, a cutscene will play in which Wilhelmina appears and helps you escape the guards’ suspicion. The next step is a little unclear as players have reported it taking different amounts of time to trigger Every Rose Has Its Thorn. What seems clear, though, is that you need to revisit Wilhelmina at The Rose Chateau a few times and give her gifts she likes (such as bouquets of flowers) to raise her affinity.

You’ll know you have succeeded when you visit the Rose Chateau one day and find the brothel’s attendant, Rolf, guarding the room next to Wilhelmina’s. You can then look through the peephole in Wilhelmina’s room to spy on a conversation she has with Allard, after which she will tell you about her plans to kill the man. Agree to assist her and Every Rose Has Its Thorn will start.

How To Gather Evidence For Wilhelmina

Before she kills Allard, Wilhelmina tasks you with finding evidence that proves his crimes. You’ll want to do this as fast as you can since she only gives you three in-game days to complete her request. There are two pieces of evidence you can find. The first is acquired by talking to Sven in his chambers in the castle. He will aid you by suggesting you go see Ser Patrick in the noble quarter at night. If you do this, Ser Patrick will invite Allard over, giving you an opportunity to search through Allard’s house. On the second floor office of Allard’s house, you will find the evidence you need by interacting with the painting of a flower.

Image: Capcom

The second evidence requires you to speak with Captain Brant at the Stardrop Inn. If you have him tell you about the Myrmecoleon, he will suggest you may find more evidence from someone in the merchant quarter. Go to the house across from the Vernowrth portcrystal (where the marker is on the above image) and you’ll find said evidence lying on the table. If you return to Brant and show him your evidence, you can also ask for his support in the matter between Wilhelmina and Allard.

Completing Every Rose Has Its Thorn In Dragon’s Dogma 2

With evidence in hand, return to Wilhelmina and she will ask once more if you will aid her. At this point you can refuse, which will see her still go through with her plan, but you won’t get any of the special benefits that completing the quest rewards you. If you do agree to help, then you’ll learn Wilhelmina’s backstory. After Allard is dead, you must then escape the area as guards chase you. Head straight to an inn and rest to stay safe. If you get Brant’s support he will help you escape the guards.

Pass some time and then return to Wilhelmina at the Rose Chateau to wrap up the quest. In addition to being rewarded with 8500 G, a Ring of Benevolence, and 1200 XP, you will also be treated to Wilhelmina’s romance scene (as long as you never refused to support her).

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