Persona Fans Lose It As Leak Suggests Next Game’s Colour Scheme

Persona Fans Lose It As Leak Suggests Next Game’s Colour Scheme

Midori, the reliable leaker known for revealing that Persona 3 Reload would be getting The Answer as DLC, has more news for Persona fans. This time it’s about the inevitable Persona 6, which remains unannounced by Atlus. According to a post on social media from Midori, the dominant colour in the next mainline entry’s colour scheme will be green. Fans are losing it over this news, not because they love or hate the colour green (to each their own) but rather because it seems to confirm a longtime theory about Persona 6.

Each entry in Atlus’s series of RPGs has a dominant colour that determines the game’s visual style. This really started with Persona 3 which heavily features the colour blue in its motif. Persona 4 has yellow and Persona 5 has red. Retroactively, Atlus has also given purple to the first game and orange to the Persona 2 duology. So while it may seem insignificant to those unfamiliar with the series, a leak stating that Persona 6 will have a green colour scheme is a big deal to fans. For many, though, green already seemed like a sure bet—there aren’t many good, distinctive colours left, for one thing. But more than that, many fans believe Atlus already casually revealed the Persona 6 colour scheme years ago.

Back in 2022, Atlus released a 25th anniversary artwork showing the protagonists of every Persona game in front of a graffitied wall. The protagonists were all splattered in paint, most of which was the colour of their respective game. Notably, however, at the bottom left of the artwork was a bucket of green paint.

Fans had been anticipating a Persona 6-related announcement for the anniversary (which we did not end up getting) and saw the green paint as a teaser for the game’s colour scheme. The green bucket theory gained a lot of traction, though after Xbox announced Persona titles would be coming to Game Pass, many assumed that this was what the paint was teasing.

However, with Midori’s leak, green bucket theory truthers are back, and they are winning. That isn’t the only information Midori gave fans, either, as they also claimed Persona 6 has been in development since 2019. Given Persona 5’s five-year development cycle, that might mean we will see Persona 6 sooner rather than later, if we’re lucky.

Editor’s note: I don’t want to stoke the truthers anymore than they already are, but Midori is also a Japanese word that broadly and uniquely describes the colour green. — David.

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