100+ Mods Turn Starfield Into The Star Wars Mandalorian Game We’ll Never Get

100+ Mods Turn Starfield Into The Star Wars Mandalorian Game We’ll Never Get

Star Wars fans have long awaited the arrival of a truly great Mandalorian video game, just to have their hopes repeatedly dashed. First, it was the long-in-development hell (but still not technically canceled) 1313, and most recently it was Respawn’s Mandalorian game, which was canceled only a couple of weeks after it leaked. Something always keeps fans from getting their hands on what would, in theory, be an incredible interactive tale in a galaxy far far away. Well, one fan has taken it upon themselves to fix that issue with Bethesda’s 2023 sci-fi RPG Starfield and a boatload of mods, which still has an active modding community despite Bethesda offering no official mod support—yet.

The massive project was created by YouTuber DeityVengy, who uploaded an extensive video showcasing their work back on May 7. The 11-minute video is mostly just gameplay of the mods in action, which turns the player into a full-blown Mandalorian, complete with jetpack and badass armor. A climactic action sequence shows the player fighting against Imperial soldiers and even an AT-ST, a large mechanical war machine on two legs. The most impressive part of the overhaul is just how extensive it is: Walking through the game world completely transports the player to a galaxy far far away, with NPCs now Imperial officers and rebels who are populating areas emblazoned with factions’ insignia from the franchise, and signs written in Aurebesh, Star Wars’ in-universe language, added throughout. Little details such as Star Wars music and loading screens help completely replace the underlying Starfield experience it is built on top of—without context, you could be forgiven for thinking this was more leaked footage of 1313.

In the video’s last couple of minutes, DeityVengy explains how they went about creating the project: “I basically added every single Star Wars mod out there on Nexus as a foundation and then I started doing custom editing off of that.” For players attempting to repeat this for their own game, DeitVengy emphatically recommends that they use the Mod Organizer 2 tool, as the final list of mods is well over 100 and the tool can make sure they all work in tandem and as intended. They stress that (as with any modding process) the load order is crucial to get right, and you can follow along in the video to help avoid any issues.

DeityVengy points out that all the mods shown in their list aren’t actually turned on for the gameplay shown during the video, as some more experimental mods break things and prevent you from having a smooth gameplay experience. The overhaul mostly relies on pre-existing mods like Star Wars Replacer, with DeityVengy creating a custom HUD for the experience including weapon icons accurate to the modded guns. The full list of mods and the custom files are all linked in the video for players eager to try it out for themselves. We might never get the Mandalorian game of our dreams, but this looks like a pretty good alternative.

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