Tons Of Xbox 360 Games On Deep Sale Before Store Gets Shut Down

Tons Of Xbox 360 Games On Deep Sale Before Store Gets Shut Down

The Xbox 360 is a legendary console, and its storefront, the Xbox Marketplace, was similarly legendary, becoming one of the most prominent online stores in console history and helping pave the way for digital distribution. The Xbox store has hosted the likes of Xbox Live Arcade, which shone a light on rising indie games that have gone on to worldwide acclaim, like Castle Crashers, and it still has a number of digital-only titles you can’t find anywhere else. That makes it such a huge bummer that the store is finally shutting down for good in July, causing many of those titles to get delisted, but not before a steep sale or two come along to make sure gamers can still pick them up and make them a part of their collection.

As spotted by the folks over at TrueAchievements, the Xbox store is currently having a rare 360 games sale for non-backward compatible games, which doesn’t happen often. The sale is likely one of a few leading up to the closure of the Xbox 360 store in a few months. Until then, folks can pick up a number of 360 titles that will otherwise be disappearing at the end of July for dirt cheap.

For example, Cloudberry Kingdom, a Ubisoft-published title I haven’t heard about in so goddamn long, was delisted from Steam back in 2020 but is still available on the 360 digital store and on sale right now. The game was once available on Steam, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U, but over the years, it’s either been delisted or those stores have completely shut down. The Xbox 360 store is one of the last places you can buy it before it becomes lost media. Come July, that and a few other titles, like Puzzle Arcade, will be gone, so if you’re a preservationist or just someone a little bit nostalgic for the early days of digital-only console games, you may want to give it a look.

Other games, like the Xbox 360 versions of 2014’s Thief, Trials Fusion, and Far Cry 4, will also be unavailable digitally once the store closes, but these are also titles you can find in print, on other systems like PC, or on modern console storefronts thanks to backward compatibility between the last few generations.

Some of the games listed vary between regions, but for the most part, there are over 60 games that you rarely see on sale that are heavily discounted right now. If you’ve got an Xbox 360, or think you might want to hold onto some of these titles, I’d urge you to get on it right now. For a full rundown of the games on sale and their prices, check out the listings here. And come back later in the week for our own recommendations about the games you should definitely grab before they’re gone.

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