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Thus far, Battlefield 5’s post-release content has included an extra story mission and tank-focused multiplayer map. That map released in December, leaving players waiting eagerly for months for new battlefields.

Last week, Battlefield 5 sneakily released a new map set in Greece called Mercury. Its idyllic coastal town and outlying rolling hills offer a fast-paced experience that helps balance out some of the larger, well-worn maps that players have come to know.


Since launch, Battlefield V’s been stingy with ammo and supplies. The game has a controversial “Attrition” system that limits the available resources for players in an attempt to force team cooperation, but also can lead to players getting trapped without resources. The latest patch adds changes to make resupplying easier and picks up the pace in a game that was already fast and frantic.


Battlefield 5 changed the series’ pace with a move towards faster gameplay full of action-hero vaulting and devastating rocket strikes. There was less grim and mud crawling, more arcade-y polish.

A new limited-time game mode called Fortress makes things messy again, as waves of players attempt to conquer heavily fortified positions. It’s bloody as hell, and the sort of teeth-gritting experience I’ve sorely wanted.


Battlefield 5 received microtransactions this week, almost five months after the first-person shooter was originally released. Players can now use Battlefield Currency, which can only be bought with real money, to customise the look of their characters, guns and vehicles.


A quote attributed to Kotaku in a launch trailer for Battlefield V was recently removed from that trailer by publisher EA at our company’s request after a miscommunication by both parties led to the inaccurate quote’s appearance.


At launch, Battlefield V moved at a faster pace than previous games in the series. Not only could you run around quicker than before, but you could kill enemies faster, needing only a handful of bullets. This week, the game rolled out some changes to that gameplay rhythm, alongside a new hardcore playlist, and it has left the some members of the community confused and fractured.


Battlefield V’s first post-launch addition, Overture, released today after an initial delay. The expansion moves the game’s timeline forward with new story perspectives and massive, tank-focused multiplayer battles.

Overture is a mix of disappointing and exciting elements; it has terrific storytelling, but it also has one of the series’ least interesting maps. Also: Nazis.