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I dove into the Battlefield V beta last night. While I enjoyed the tense gunfights, I’m not so sure about some of the game’s changes. From shifts in how ammo is handled to changes to weapon customisation, my fun was tempered by some scepticism about what my favourite multiplayer shooter might be like at launch.


Immediately after Nvidia's RTX 20 series reveal, press were allowed to get hands on with a bunch of games on PC using the new hardware. After some wrangling, I got some hands on time with Battlefield 5 - and immediately started coming to grips with the aggressiveness of the game's film grain.


Battlefield V kicked off a closed alpha recently, giving players a taste of what's in store for the latest entry in EA's shooter series, which will be released October 19. My coworker Paul Tamayo and I are huge fans of the Battlefield series, and have been dying to play the game. We sat down earlier today for some multiplayer matches and noticed changes that make the game feel more approachable than 2016's Battlefield 1.


Battlefield 5 will have women. When this was revealed during the game's announcement stream last month, most people said "oh neat" and got on with their lives. A vocal handful, however, found this offensively out of place in their "historically accurate" series about ramping tanks over horses. Weeks later, they still haven't stopped complaining about it.

Now, the Battlefield subreddit has had enough.