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Aussie Gavin Clayton has probably lost count of the days he's spent getting Daggerfall Unity off the ground. The port of Bethesda's monstrous, procedurally-generated RPG to the Unity engine has given the game a new lease on life in a world where Skyrim will soon be playable on everything from calculators to quilts. This is particularly true for the most recent update, which allows the main quest line to be completed in full.


Not everyone remembers Daggerfall, but you've probably heard of Morrowind. No? Oblivion or Skyrim then? The common thread that links these titles together is Bethesda, the developer responsible for creating them. All open-world games, all wonderful in their own right. Now, thanks to an Australian by the name of Gavin Clayton, you can fire up Daggerfall in your browser or, if you're modding-inclined, go to town on the game using the tools he's created.