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Facebook has just announced a plot to murder Twitch in cold blood with their new exclusive streaming deal with ESL, the world's biggest esports event company. But will that really be enough to strangle Twitch, the video game streaming service now owned by omnipotent internet god, Amazon? Here come the bloodthirsty headlines.


Supanova Adelaide was on over the weekend and we took the opportunity to catch up with Overwatch's Zenyatta (Feodor Chin) and Hanzo (Paul Nakauchi) on Facebook live! In addition to finding out that Hanzo was nearly Zenyatta, we chatted everything from fandom to who would win in a fight!


When it comes to streaming video games, most in the Western world immediately think of Twitch. If you're playing in South Korea or China, you'll probably use a different service. But for everywhere else, Twitch is pretty much unrivalled in its fan base and capacity.

But there is one service that has a lot more users and can host video just as effectively: Facebook.