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Jack Kelley knew he wanted to play Firewatch since seeing the first pieces of artwork. After the game released in 2016, Kelley became fascinated by the real world lookout towers that inspired the game, culminating in the 14-year-old fan saving a historic lookout tower from demolition.


Game developer Sean Vanaman announced on social media today that Campo Santo, the studio behind the indie game Firewatch, will be filing a takedown against Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg on YouTube over footage featuring their latest game, as well any future releases. This came hours after widely circulated footage showed Kjellberg say the n-word while streaming an online shooter.


In 2016, I surprised myself. I surprised myself by playing more games than I thought I would, and more games than I probably have in the three years preceding it combined. Some I liked, some I didn't. Here are the ones that held my attention for more than a couple of minutes at a time.


While the climactic (or, for some, anti-climactic) ending of Firewatch left plenty of players happy to leave the Thorofare behind, a second playthrough could still have plenty to offer. Depending on how thorough you are, there may still be a number of interesting conversations, events and even locations that you missed on your first time around.


Firewatch is launching on Xbox One this week, in case you didn't notice. In fact, it was supposed to be out already. So if you're twiddling your thumbs waiting to play for the first time, or you thoroughly enjoyed the game when it came out earlier this year, the developers have some really cheap t-shirts that are worth a look.


The first episode of The Foo Show, a virtual reality-based talk show hosted by Tested's Will Smith, begins with a trio of gawky avatars sitting around discussing the game Firewatch. Then they step inside, and it's pretty magical.