Nine Parchments: The Kotaku Review

When an explosion at the Astral Academy scatters nine magical parchments to the four winds, a group of irresponsible students sets off on an adventure to retrieve the lost magic for their own mischievous use. At least it should be a group. Action RPG Nine Parchments can be played alone,…

Our First Look At The Next Trine

The last new entry to the Trine action-adventure-platformer series was with Goblin Menace in 2012, an expansion for Trine 2, which itself came out in late 2011. So yeah, it’s been a pretty long time, and it looks like Trine 3 is right around the corner… ish.

Trine 2 Gets Six New Stages This Winter

Trine 2 Gets Six New Stages This Winter

Frozenbyte, the makers of Trine 2, informed the site XBLA Fans at GDC that the game will be getting six new stages plus other content in downloadable content to arrive this winter.