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Gaming mice aren't typically the kind of product you'd think of as a consumable, something that gets replaced with the same regularity as, say, your mousepad. But according to the managing director of one major peripheral distributor, the top teams cycle out their gear every six months.


One of the most personal choices for any desktop setup is the mouse. When you’re looking for a great quality gaming mouse, you’re more than likely going to be looking at it’s sensitivity – but you also want to grab something that looks great, is weighted correctly for your use and is designed with ergonomics in mind.

Over the past few months, I’ve been roadtesting some of the best gaming mice you can find and here are my recommendations.

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My first gaming mouse completely changed PC gaming for me. I’d previously thought of such peripherals as luxuries only for hardcore gamers, those who entered tournaments and won, and I was but a lowly pub match scrub. I'm still a lowly pub match scrub, but now I consider my gaming mouse a necessity for my hours-long Dota 2 sessions. As Razer’s new Naga Hex v2 claims to be the gaming mouse for MOBA fiends like me, I was eager to find out if it would help me to improve my K/D/A.