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Are you shopping for an anime fan and have no earthly idea what this "anime" thing is -- much less what he or she would like? Or perhaps you know what they like and are looking at your options. Either way, don't worry. We're here to help.


It's the holiday season. Maybe you like video games. Maybe a loved one is into video games. Maybe you want to get them (or ask for) something that celebrates the visual splendour of games without actually paying for software. If so, check this stuff out.


Geek is chic now, it's a well-known fact. With cosplay on the rise and geeky franchises entering the mainstream, there are more stylish options for you to show off your power level than ever before. Even if you live in t-shirts and shorts yourself, I'm here to help you find the perfect gift for the fashionable geek in your life.


We all like games -- it's why you come to the site, after all. But not everyone has the cash to splash on the AAA titles, even when they're discounted. You might be a poor uni student. You might not have a lot left over after buying presents for the family. And sometimes you might just want to try something without spending a great deal of money.

So this is a guide to get you through Christmas: a guide to some of the better indies you can find online. Let's begin.


Buying gifts for gamers is eternally difficult. We're a fickle, impulsive bunch, and often that means there's a good chance we'll already have the things we want before you get a chance to buy them.

But there are always cool bits and pieces that might be a neat surprise around Christmas time. So to help you, your significant other, friends or family out, here's some suggestions that the PC gamers in your life might really appreciate.