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Adhesive Games' Hawken was released in December 2012, before which we talked about it quite a bit on Kotaku. It then went missing in action for the majority of 2013, only to surface recently with the announcement that the game would perform a reboot of sorts on Steam. Well, you can now purchase the title via Early Access, though the currently-not-but-once-was F2P game has a price tag of $US29.99.


People were once so excited about Hawken. It looked awesome, it had a wonderful visual design to it, and then... well, then it went free-to-play, and it didn't have singleplayer, and that kinda took the wind out of a lot of people's sails. A shame, but hey, the game still looks great, people are playing it, and the art still looks as good as ever.


No, I think I was right the first time. If you see the new Technician mech on the enemy's team, kill it. If it's on your team, hug it. If it's you, then congratulations, you're a helper. Way to help. Want to see pics of the new map you'll be dying on?


There have been some secret alpha tests going on for a while now, but a much wider pool of people will finally get their hands on mech shooter Hawken when it kicks off a closed beta on October 26.