'Free-To-Play' Hawken Arrives On Steam Early Access... For $US29.99

Adhesive Games' Hawken was released in December 2012, before which we talked about it quite a bit on Kotaku. It then went missing in action for the majority of 2013, only to surface recently with the announcement that the game would perform a reboot of sorts on Steam. Well, you can now purchase the title via Early Access, though the currently-not-but-once-was F2P game has a price tag of $US29.99.

Confused? Basically, dropping $US29.99 gets you the "Nemesis Bundle" and the ability to play the game while it's in Early Access "beta" — an opportunity for the developers to iron out problems as a result of moving to Steam. Once the game leaves Early Access however, it'll transition back to being purely free-to-play, at least according to the FAQ.

Previous account owners will automatically be sent Steam keys, so they're (rightly) taken care of, while those who wait until the Early Access is over can join in without any initial expense. It doesn't make the Early Access particularly appealing unless you're incredibly desperate to play the game.

All being fair, $US29.99 doesn't just give you the right to play, you also get a bunch of mechs, a repair droid and some in-game credits. Unfortunately, these "gifts" don't really do much for you if you decide the game isn't for you. It just seems like the best option is to wait for the Early Access period to end, unless I've missed something.

Hawken [Steam]


    That reminds me, should look up if there's some way to delete my account.

      The game started off really well, but some massive balance issues stopped me from enjoying it long term.

    You should probably point out that the 'Nemesis Bundle' include a bunch of microtransaction content. Playing the beta at this stage has always been free, albeit not on Steam.

    I really enjoyed Hawken, for about ten minutes. Reminds me that I got the Steam key in an email the other day but am yet to put it in. Have the balance issues been resolved at all?

      Yo Can i get the key if you dont want it? please I ma dying to play this game but cant afford to pay for it. Contact me about this. Thank you.

    I was so excited to get this game. Than I heard it was free to play and forgot all about out.

    C'mon, did anyone ever think Free to play actually meant free to play properly? Free to play but pay to progress is what it truly means...

      Actually while I do hate F2P including the fact that Hawken is one of them, in this case it's one of the few where microtransactions are primarily for vanity items. Indeed you can buy regular credits and exp boosts to cut down on time to earn particular mechs and upgrades but that doesn't get anyone an unfair advantage (most upgrades are in the 0.05 percent range) that any regular player wont have after a slew of matches.

        To be honest, I have no REAL problem with pay to progress games as long as the transactions are fairly priced. Hawken allegedly is very fairly priced. 29.95 to me for a very polished game like Hawken honestly is fair.

          If Hawken was a full retail game instead of F2P I would have paid that $29.95 years ago.

    I think there is a misconception of F2P with cash shops. There is a huge advantage for purchasing characters / mechs instead of using in game wealth. Prices are generally set around the concept of enhancing your game experience at the price of a store bought game. Generally these characters / mechs purchasable are balanced and available to those who have 'time' to put effort in, but why would you when things like sales occur on limited / special occasions (9 mechs with early access, it's priced at a 75% discount morons)
    Hawken like LoL has a rotation system for mechs, there are no P2W mechs available or options of the like in the shop, mostly vanity to make you unique from the crowd.
    The game has been in development for over a year that at any time you could have seen its progress, I can only laugh at the people who didn't follow the game before the steam transition and feel left out in some benign way, as it will be F2P very soon, then judgement can be made for the late bloomers. TBH the people with more mechs will have a lot of fun destroying the new crowd in a variety of ways. Hawken is a fantastic arena type shooting game in a very functional state, compared to freshly released steam games that are alpha early access. Hawken is not this type of game, or anything like it was a year ago.. Your choice if you want to grind 9 mechs anyways, watch some videos to improve your judgement, read forums.. Don't necessarily rely on articles or even comments like the one I'm making now.

      As long as absolutely nothing is hidden behind a paywall, and everything can be reached by grinding, even if that grinding is reached by an inordinate amount, then it's fine by me.

    what a freaking whiner this writer is ... how much money on that he never buys early acces games nor has ever played Hakwne before?

    It is free-to-play again since the early access & migration phase finished on 7 March. i bought nemesis though instead of waiting. great value for the in app upgrades and credits included.

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