You’ll Be Able To Buy This Massive, Hardcore Dual-Joystick Controller For Hawken

You’ll Be Able To Buy This Massive, Hardcore Dual-Joystick Controller For Hawken

I loved Virtual On. I only ever played it at the arcades, usually at marathon four-hour Timezone sessions, but the dual-stick setup did wonders for putting you in the cockpit of your own, giant mechanised combatant. The minute I saw this custom controller for Hawken, all those memories came flooding back.

Apparently the “MEK-FU” was on show at E3 while Hawken was being demoed, but this is the first time I’ve seen anyone mention it. Destructoid reports it plugs in via USB and is fully-programmable, meaning you can make use of it in other games.

It features an entire keyboard, along with so many buttons and switches not even the manufacturer’s CEO could provide an accurate count. There’s also space for a phone or tablet so you can potentially enjoy dual-screen goodness.

“Early next year” was the only release date provided. You won’t need it to play Hawken, but man, I would feel unworthy without it.

E3: Hawken is getting its own ridiculous controller too [Destructoid]

Image: Destructoid


  • Yeah im sold, hawked looked cool and all but as a heavy gear and mech warrior vet I was skeptical, looked a bit too much like a clunky fps and not like a guy piloting a giant robot if that makes sense, having seen this thing I am so sold!

  • Ok im definately going to get this. this will be perfect for ARM3 Tank and Chopper controls as well as X Rebirth

  • You can’t help but feel awesome when using something like this. I would love to see it made to control something in the real world. Perhaps a computer + this controller + XBEE + an Arduino robot or something. Please……..someone make it lol.

  • This looks neat and all, but realize that you WILL get owned by players using the joystick/mouse combo. There is no getting around it. Aiming with the mouse is just far superior. To me Hawken looks more like Quake than classic Mechwarrior. Quick, accurate and precise aiming will be king. It would be like trying to use an Xbox controller to play CoD on the PC. You’re handicapping yourself.

  • Sooner or later, someone will probably jury-rigged this to play Virtual On, then I’m definitely in ..!!! … sad that no one really remembers this gem.

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