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2018 has been a blur for me. It may just be that I’m in the last year of my twenties, or it could be that extreme events just did not stop happening this year.
As with any year, I took refuge in games when I wanted to relax, enjoy myself, socialise with friends, or just check out of reality for a while.


The first season of Life Is Strange leaned on melodrama to give some stakes to its story of a time-travelling queer girl and a potentially destructive tornado. This season's first episode also leans into schlock, but this time, the story is about racism. Sometimes, that melodrama made me groan. When it works, though, it really works.


The silly season rolls on. While there's no major platform exclusive, there's plenty of highlights: the Life is Strange sequel lands, football fans get another story mode to explore in FIFA 19, Ultimate Chicken Horse gets pride of place on the Switch, and Valkyria Chronicles 4 officially drops. There's also a new Pathfinder game, which is fun.


Developers Dontnod already hinted at some of the world around Life is Strange 2 earlier this year with the release of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Now, they've announced the Life is Strange sequel will drop on August 20 - and the new teaser is rather good.