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The Luigi Death Stare has sort of played itself out now, but I still rank it as the best gaming meme of 2014 so far. The latest episode of YouTube show 'Kids React' is dedicated to the meme, and some of them reacted pretty much the exact same way I reacted when I first saw it. The kid in the yellow t-shirt? That was basically me.


I'm calling it (and judging by comments/Twitter/Facebook most of you are too). It's done, guys. It was a fun ride, but it shone too brightly and burned out too quickly. THAT SAID, it deserves a more fitting end than Luigi's own year, which just kinda... fizzed out. It deserves a viking funeral.


I've been living under a rock on a two week holiday, so forgive me if you're all tired of Luigi Death Stares but you're all going to have indulge me this one time. Of all the Mario Kart/Luigi videos/GIFs doing the rounds so far, this one is by far my favourite.