Luigi Death Stare Cosplay Terrorizes Convention

Luigi Death Stare Cosplay Terrorizes Convention

Luigi isn't just a jerk in Mario Kart 8, he's also started drive-by shelling cosplayers. How cruel!

D Piddy of dancing Deadpool fame took to Anime Expo 2014 and shelled the hell out of half of your favourite animated characters. Sure, the meme is played — but good cosplay is good cosplay, and I won't pass up a chance to see Snow White and the cast of Kill La Kill get pelted in the dome with a giant foam shell.

D Piddy via Guyism

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    Not only is the meme overlplayed, this was kinda lame as hell.

      Indeed. It's the most burnt-out meme I can remember. I remember at its peak it was in multiple stories on Kotaku for several consecutive days.

      I agree. I personally would've flying kicked his face. lol

    What is it with cosplayers and leather effin shoes? Put some effort in!

      They already do put in a lot of effort, making shoes is effin hard. Maybe you could go into business selling custom video game shoes then?

    Nothing says fun like pelting unwary people with foam weapons. (Seriously, dick move, IMHO)

      Actually, judging by people's reaction, they actually knew it was coming. Quite a few of them are completely bracing themselves.

    Still? OK then

      YouTube ruined your joke with an advertisment at the start of the video.

        Youtube ruins everything, but no-one wants to leave...

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