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A favourite otaku (geek) hobby in Japan is taking photos of toys. The pictures can make oh-so-cute miniature figurines look lifelike. But this trend isn't only a Japanese thing. It's also a Formula One racer thing — at least for one man. Via social media, Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso provides a look at Formula One that fans expect: fast cars, scenic locals, and killing time between races. He also shows a different side of the motorsport. A nerdier one.


Held in both Osaka and Tokyo, Dream Party is a bi-annual event for bishoujo (beautiful young girl) computer games. This weekend, Dream Party rolled through Tokyo, filling the Tokyo Big Sight convention hall with cosplayers, figurines, computer games and cars covered in nerdy decals.


"Otaku" in Japanese is usually to refer to individuals who are really into things, whether that be trains, movies, or video games. There are a wide variety of different otaku, but within the last few years the word "otaku" has become shorthand for gaming, anime, or idol diehards.


Some of you are nerds. That's fine. Some of you are not. Likewise — fine. But for the geeky male readers out there, not all members of the opposite sex are going to be down with your peculiarities. According to Japanese site Sugoren, here are nine ways that Japanese women can instantly spot "creepy" otaku.


You know "itasha", right? It means "painmobile" and refers to cars covered in nerdy stickers. These days, everything that has been covered with nerdy imagery — from Shinto plaques to bicycles — seems to get the "ita" label in Japan. Heck, there are even "itachoco" this Valentine's Day. I guess a literal translation would be "painful chocolate".


My office? Nope. While it's a mess of stuff, my desk doesn't exactly scream otaku (though, the signed Kurt Vonnegut print above it is pretty cool!). This guy's office, however, is otaku chic.


You might have a job. You might be between jobs or you might be out of one entirely. Same goes for many in Japan. But what they spend their unemployment cheques on might differ from what their counterparts do elsewhere.


Japan's National Tourism Organisation has released a two-sided map that will revolutionise Otaku Tourism. The first side details each region in Japan, leading fans to major anime/manga hotspots, and the other details pilgrimages to harder to find locations.