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The premise to DC and Archie Comics' crossover special Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica reads like a piece of fan fiction, something television or film studio executives dream about but would never dare actually writing. Obviously, this is why the comic's first two issues, written by Marc Andreyko and Paul Dini with illustrations from Amanda Conner and Laura Braga, are so damned good. They're so ridiculously absurd, it's almost impossible not to enjoy the hell out of them.


Artist Ant Lucia's 1940's re-imagining of popular female heroes and villains has become one of DC Comics' hottest properties, spawning a line of gorgeous statues, a comic book series, clothing and mugs. The only thing missing was poseable action figures. Consider that box checked.


Is it smoke, or the intoxicating gaseous secretions of a plant that's been specifically bio-engineered by Dr Pamela Isley? Either way, this cosplay photoset by Shiveeejam and SLDixon Photography shows a smoking hot side to our favourite DC botany enthusiast.