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At some point in every comic book superhero's life, they find themselves contemplating the nature of their existence and asking themselves, "What's the point of all this? Why guard the galaxy? Why protect the forces of creation? Why fight to win a game of dodgeball? Why?" Pondering those questions is the reason comic books exist, and each of this week's best new comics focus on coming to a variety of different answers.


Imagine a world in which reporting has been replaced by infotainment produced by journalists with head-mounted broadcasting devices, who race on foot to crime scenes trying to be the first to upload reports of what went down. It's depressing to contemplate what sort of impact this would have on the public's perception of reality - but you know what's even more horrifying to think about? Lovecraftian monsters, that's what. It's time for The Pull List.


When you're a regular reader of a comic, you're always somewhat prepared to process whatever's about to happen in it. Forging that kind of relationship is a challenge that all new series with new characters have to face, and some comics handle it better than others. With that in mind, we've selected three new titles out this week that meet this challenge head-on - and have the potential to become your favourite new series.