starcraft universe

  • The Most Ambitious StarCraft Mod Is Finally Released

    Ever since StarCraft 2 was first released, it feels like StarCraft Universe has been under development. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s basically one of the most ambitious mods you’ll ever see with the StarCraft engine. It started as StarCraft-themed MMO, built from the ground up using the StarCraft 2 editor. It’s now…

  • Modders At Last Launch The ‘StarCraft MMO’ Over Battle.Net

    Remember StarCraft Universe? The mod was the “Starcraft MMO” that kicked up a brief fuss in 2011 but was smoothed out, eventually, with Blizzard’s blessings. Ryan Winzen, the project’s creative director, is happy to share news that SCU: Chronicles of Fate is now available, and will be going out over