Valve Removes Games From Steam Machine

Briefly: Valve fixed one of my big issues with Steam Machines… kinda. Games with their own launchers (e.g. Trine 3, Starbound, and Evoland) won’t, well, launch. Valve has removed the SteamOS-compatible tag from around 35 games. Some devs are working on new launchers. Fingers crossed that everything’s resolved by release…

Arcade Classic Gauntlet Is Getting A Remake

First released in 1985, Gauntlet was a genre-defining arcade dungeon crawler. Now, it’s being re-released for PC, in the form of a top-down co-op action RPG, all prettied up and modernised for a new audience.

The Big Valve Conference You Probably Can’t Attend

On January 15 and 16, Valve is holding a special event. I’m not invited. You’re probably not either. It’s called “Steam Developer Days”, and it’s a two-day conference designed to showcase Valve’s upcoming living-room-centric PCs, the Steam Machines.