How Old Is The Average Australian Gamer? 30!

The Interactive Australia 2009 report on the state of gaming in Australian culture has been launched this morning, and the stats affirm what gamers already know — the stereotypes are complete rubbish. Here’s a quick sampler that busts some myths that tie closely into our ongoing effort to get Michael Atkinson to realise his position does not reflect the reality of the modern gaming landscape. We’ll try to drill a little deeper in coming days:

– Average age of gamers is now 30; average age of non-gamers is 40.
– 88% of households now have a game device, not including mobiles.
– 61% have MORE than one — consoles are now dominant.
– 54% male, 46% female. The gender gap is disappearing fast.
– Over half of all parents play games with their kids.
– 63% of Australians still don’t know there is no R18+ for games.
– 91% of ALL Australians are in favour of an R18+ classification.
– 92% of parents are aware of the games their kids are playing.

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