Costume Quest Walkthrough With Tim Schafer

Some of my favourite games in the last two or three years (Flower, Trials HD, Braid, etc) have actually been downloadable games released on either Xbox LIVE or the PSN, so I’m pretty hyped for Costume Quest, the latest game by Double Fine, which is coming out sooner than you think (it should be available in Australia this Thursday).

So I was pretty excited about this video, unearthed on Tim Schafer’s twitter, that has Tim himself, along with lead designer Tasha Harris, taking us on a video tour of Costume Quest.

Costume Quest is a quirky homage to turn-based RPGs, matched with a unique art design and some (presumably) awesome dialogue written by Tim Schafer and co.

But enough rambling from me – check out the video below for an insight into the game from the creators themselves!

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