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We Did It! The R18+ Round-Up

Well it’s now pretty much a done deal. Eight out of nine states have agreed to the R18+ rating, with NSW looking likely to follow soon. And even if NSW doesn’t consent, an adult rating for video games is going through with or without them – before the end of the year claims Brendan O’Connor. Below we’ve created a brief roundup of R18+ news for those that want to catch up.

Brendan O’Connor And R18+: I’m Relieved It’s Over
Could We Have An R18+ Rating Before The End Of The Year
Reactions To The R18+ Decision
R18+: John Rau Is Sticking With Stickers
Commonwealth Will Consider Overriding NSW On R18+
All States Except NSW Agree To R18+ In Principle

In addition, you can check out all our previous R18+ coverage here.

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