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Playdead's Next Game Is 3.5 Years Away

For those itching for the next game from Limbo developer, Playdead, there might be a bit of a wait involved. A three and a half year wait, to be exact.

The Danish co-founder of Playdead, Dino Patti, told Edge magazine that there was a very simple reason behind the wait: “A good game takes time.”

While Patti was not ready to say what kind of game the studio was working on, his business partner Arnt Jensen did reveal that the team would be using the Unity Engine instead of in-house tech to build the game.

“It’s like having a double product, doing both engine and game,” Jensen said.

“Our next project is a little more ambitious than Limbo so there are a lot of things we don’t want to make from the beginning.”

Limbo was a critical success that attracted a lot of attention for its unique art style and lack of hand-holding, and if the team was able to take such a bold approach with their first big game, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next — even if it’s three and a half years away.

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