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2K's Canberra Studio Renamed (Again), Now Working On BioShock Infinite

2K’s Australian studio, based in Canberra, has undergone more than a few name changes in the past. I pity the fool that has to answer phones in that place. “Hello, Irrational Games/2K Australia/2K Marin/2K Boston, how can I help you?” Take your pick, you’ve got a 25% chance of being right at any given time…

MCV Pacific is reporting that the studio formerly known as Irrational Games/2K Boston/2K Australia/2K Marin is now being given its old name back, and will be known as 2K Australia. The name change is part of another studio switch. Previously the team there were working on the upcoming X-Com reboot, but now they’re helping out Irrational Games on the BioShock Infinite.

Is this good news for a studio that was recently hit with redundancies? We certainly hope so. 2K Australia has worked on some of the best games of this generation, and we’d like to see that trend continue with its work on BioShock Infinite.

Canberra 2K Games studio renamed, working on Bioshock Infinite [MCV]

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