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Skyrim Being Sold In Select Stores Across Australia - Street Break Could Be Imminent [Update 2]

We’ve just gotten off the phone with a store clerk in South Yarra’s Big W, Victoria, who has confirmed that they are now selling Skyrim for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Numerous other Targets are also reported to be selling copies of the game ahead of the official release date.

All other specialist retailers are currently standing strong with the Street Date, although there are numerous rumours from several different sources stating that EB plan to start selling at 3pm — presumably they’re waiting for all stores to get stock before pulling the plug on the Street Date.

At the moment it definitely appears as though the game is being sold only in select stores across the country — not all Big W stores are selling, and it could be the case that those selling may stop once distributors get wind of the break.

However, we fully expect that all specialist retailers will follow suit at some point today. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: The South Yarra Big W is reportedly no longer selling Skyrim. However, there have been plenty of fresh reports of other mainstream retailers such as KMart selling.

UPDATE 2: Both GAME and EB are now selling across all stores.

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