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This Is How You Can Pick Up A Copy Of SimCity For $27 Australian

This deal is available on Origin India, but the good news is that, with a couple of tweaks, you can still actually take advantage of Origin India’s cheap pricing here in Australia.

Ozbargain has the full details on all the ins and outs here, but the gist of it is this: if you change their region from Australia to India and use a 28 degree Mastercard or another zero currency conversion fee card, you can actually pick up SimCity for $27. And as EA and Maxis are working towards seriously fixing the game’s issues, this is as good a time as ever to actually pick the game up.

In addition, if you pick it up now, you can also take advantage of Origin’s current deal where it is providing an extra EA game to every gamer who bought EA. I’d almost feel a little guilty about that, seeing as your already picking up SimCity super cheap, after the issues are in the process of being fixed — but what the hell!

Head to Ozbargain for all the details!

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