The 'Next Halo Journey' Begins This Year, Says Microsoft

Folks got concerned when the word “Halo” wasn’t on a list of upcoming games in an official Microsoft Xbox One update. Fret not, Master Chief lovers, you’ll get your Spartan on this year, according to an Microsoft representative.

In a post that stated the Redmond-based tech giant sold more than three million Xbox Ones last year, Xbox marketing bigwig wrote the following:

We’re excited for the year ahead and will be working hard to bring Xbox One to more fans and more markets around the globe. 2014 will be a promising year with many more great games on the way for Xbox One including “Titanfall,” “Watch_Dogs,” “Project Spark,” “Sunset Overdrive,” “Tom Clancy’s The Division,” “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “Destiny,” “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare,” and “The Elder Scrolls Online,” among others. More games, more features, more content, more fun — all coming your way this year.

People furrowed their brows at the apparent omission of Microsoft’s premier first-party franchise but a tweet from Xbox PR manager Rob Semsey soothed any concern that players might not see the Chief in 2014.

Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014. #staycalm

– Rob Semsey (@RobSemsey) January 6, 2014

Microsoft Studios chief Phil Spencer has previously talked about the timing needed to get full-sized Halo games onto Xbox hardware and, with 2012’s Halo 4 in the rear view mirror, a new entry in the series sure seems likely for this year.

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