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Dark Souls II Meets Rocky Balboa And It Is Glorious

I haven’t delved into Dark Souls II PvP at all since the game was released, but if I did? And I ran into what Rocky Balboa? I’d either pee myself laughing at the absurdity of it, or I’d run in sheer. Because after watching this video, featuring an amazing Rocky Balboa likeness beating down players with his fists, I know I’d be in for a helluva beating.

Here’s the summary: some crazy bastard has built an incredibly detailed character in Dark Souls. He looks exactly like Rocky Balboa. Like exactly. The only weapons he has are his fists. He doesn’t wear any armour. He doesn’t need any. He is Rocky Balboa goddammit.

This movie is just solid gold from start to finish. There are just so many little flourishes, edited perfectly in with sequences from the movie, and a few brilliantly timed guest appearances from characters in the movie.

I won’t spoil any of the best moments, but I definitely spat out some tea during this video.

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