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Australia's Highest Ranked Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitter Got Nailed By Capcom Too

We reported earlier this morning that WORLD_COMBO, the highest ranked player in the world in Street Fighter 5, got stung by Capcom as part of their new measures to combat rage-quitters.

And you know what the funny thing is? Australia’s highest ranked Street Fighter player has just got done for precisely the same thing.

In our story earlier this morning, we included a photo of WORLD_COMBO sitting atop the world rankings. But if you look closely, at #6 you’ll see Australia’s highest ranked player: Fairyland.

It’s a few thousand points away from the Super Platinum rank, but it’s a good deal better than what most Australians have been able to achieve in Street Fighter 5 so far. Problem is, turns out he was a bit of a rage quitter.

Other users on Twitter and Facebook also complained overnight about Fairyland rage-quitting to maintain his winning streak and precious league points. Unfortunately for the accused, Capcom appears to have stepped in.

In case you can’t make it out, Fairyland’s league points have plummeted from several thousand to a few hundred.

Cheaters — and rage-quitters — never prosper, it seems.

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